This page is dedicated to resources related to CINE. The toolkits, guidelines and best practice material can be accessed through the CINE Wayfinder. Here, you will find our newsletters and meeting agendas as well as other information that might be interesting. Travel back in time, and with us to our partner meetings in the image galleries.


CINE Reports

The CINE project sent 9 Partner Reports and one Lead Partner Report to the NPA every 6 month of the project - 6 in total. Additionally we wrote a final project report, gathered evidence of all the outputs we delivered and described the impact of the project. 

To summarise this whole reporting procedure and make it a bit lighter for people to read, we created an overview report to show what CINE has done over three years. Additionally, we made a more visual, even shorter and easy to read summary report.

The project has been structured in work packages. Each had one or more outputs associated with it. To measure the outputs against the NPA programme, we fulfilled specific indicators. The following documents provide an overview over the completed outputs and their indicators. 

Workpackage 1: Innovative Design and Sotorytelling

Workpackage 2: Connecting North

Workpackage 3: Community Documentation and Gamificiation

Workpackage 4: Virtual Museum Without Walls


CINE Information Material


CINE Kick-Off Meeting, Lofoten, 26-28 Sep 2017

CINE Partner Meeting and Thinktank, Iceland, 16-19 March 2018

CINE Partner Meeting St Andrews, Scotland, 23-25 October 2018

CINE Partner Meeting Ireland and Northern Ireland, Nov 2019