CINE TALKS: Future Digital Possibilities for Museums and Heritage

The final event in our online series, CINE TALKS:  Future Digital Possibilities for Museums and Heritage is this coming Thursday, 12 November, at the later time of 17.00-18.30 CET.

We believe that museums and heritage organisations can, and should, play a powerful role in imagining different futures for our communities and societies. Digital technologies have the potential to be an important tool in this process. This session draws on the experience of the CINE project partners and others to explore the questions: how can we utilise technological possibilities to be both a preserver of the past and an instigator of new ideas for the future? What digital tools exist to help us? How can we develop new digital tools that meet our particular needs, align with our values, and help us to address the challenging topics of our time in meaningful ways?

Join our project partners, Katrin Glinka, Anjanesh Babu, Marinos Ioannides, and a live audience from the northern Norwegian museum and heritage sector as we imagine how we create the future for our sector and communities.

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