Skúli Björn Gunnarsson

Managing director

Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute, Iceland


Skúli Björn Gunnarsson is a managing director of Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute which runs a cultural centre at the historical site Skriðuklaustur in Eastern Iceland. For two decades he has been in charge of building up this remote centre with various exhibitions and cultural activities. Annual visitors are now tens of thousands who come to learn about the on-site medieval monastery that was excavated in the years 2000-2012 and the life and works of the Icelandic author Gunnar Gunnarsson (1889-1975).

His education and professional background is in Icelandic language and literature and he has a long-term experience of editorial work and writing along with project management. He has a personal interest in digital innovation and how new technology can be used to preserve and present cultural heritage.

Skúli is teaching a course in gamification for students in Applied studies in Culture and Communication at the University of Iceland. Before his post at the cultural centre he worked as a journalist, a photographer, in public relations and at the National Library of Iceland.