Leifur Björn Björnsson

Head Developer

Locatify, Iceland


Leifur is a co-founder of Locatify and a head developer. Locatify Ltd. is a privately held Icelandic SME company established in 2009, focused on location based mobile apps. Locatify specializes in innovative technologies for delivering location based content to smartphones. Locatify is a service provider for the technology and provides an easy to use platform for this purpose and white label mobile apps. Locatify continuously maintains and extends the platform with new technical innovations for delivering location based content. Locatify provides a content management system (CMS) for mobile apps for geolocation technology. The CMS and apps are predominantly used for heritage sites, museums, tourism, events and education purposes in the form of tour guides and treasure hunt games.

Leifur has been in charge of developing Locaitfy's systems and apps. He has also installed location technology at various museums including the Newt’s ‘Story of Gardening in UK using Ultra Wideband (UWB) techonlogy and Eldheimar in Iceland using bluetooth beacons (BLE).

Leifur holds a degree from Computer Science at California State University- Chico. Leifur Previous experience includes: Director of Engineering Services CCP (ccpgames.com) Computer Games industry. QA Manager at CCP (ccpgames.com), Computer Games industry, 2005 – 2008. Managed the quality assurance team for the flagship product - EVE-Online and the release process. Managed various outsourcing partners in terms of testing and localization. CV- www.linkedin.com/in/leifur/.