Call for Proposals: See the Past - Imagine the Future conference

29-30 April 2020

Lofoten, Norway (Svolvær and Kabelvåg)

OPEN CALL DEADLINE: 15 December 2019 (now extended to 31 December 2019)

SEE THE PAST - IMAGINE THE FUTURE exploring digital possibilities for the heritage sector

OPEN CALL for presentations, workshops and marketplace exhibits


Date: 29-30 April 2020

Location: Lofoten, Norway (Svolvær and Kabelvåg)

Deadline for proposals:  15 December 2019 (now extended to 31 December)

How can the museum and heritage sector use digital technology to good effect?  Do you want to learn about new practices, take part in future thinking and gain new inspiration from our speakers? Come to Lofoten in April 2020. The international See the Past - Imagine the Future Conference builds on the work of the CINE project to demonstrate how digital possibilities can enhance our museum practices. Key topics are curation, data collection and care, community co-production, museums as a catalyst for societal change and how they can better advocate for the mitigation of climate change.  We will discuss what the digital realm offers museums and their visitors - indoors, outdoors and on the web - and what the future of digital technology promises.

We welcome proposals for presentations (15 minutes), workshops (45 minutes) and marketplace exhibits in the following areas:

Reviewing curatorial practice in light of the advances of digital technologies

Curatorial practices have to respond to changing needs and fashions. National trends, academic and organisational research and visitor responses guide the development of such practices in museums. How can digital technologies aid these practices? How do they work best? Where are they unnecessary? And what are the possibilities of the future? How can we engage better? How can we be more adaptable, creative and confident?

#curating #gamification #digital exhibits #museums without walls #immersive experiences

The digital possibilities for data care and collection care in museums

We live in a data society. The digital realm offers new opportunities to collect and store data and to make it more accessible to a global and connected audience. Specifically, in the museum sector, digitisation, data care and data management are necessary but resource-consuming tasks that require expertise and skill. What technologies can help? Where do we need to improve? What are our responsibilities and how can our digital collections be safe? #digitisation

#datacare #dataprotection #accessibility #layering of information #transparency

Power and expectations. What is successful co-production?

It is predicted that the social value of museums will increase because they can integrate and unite communities. Community co-production is a method that offers cultural organisations and community groups opportunities to work together towards a common goal. This is can be both fruitful and challenging. What is good co-production? How do you create roles, manage social relationships and expectations? Does co-production work?

#co-production #value of museums #volunteering #professionalism #skills

Future digital possibilities for the sector

What role should the museum sector take in the global development towards digitisation, internet consolidation and media diversity? How can we utilise technological possibilities to be both a preserver of the past and an instigator of new ideas for the future? How can the communicative potential of technology help us address the challenging topics of our time in meaningful ways? How can we create genuine conversations?

#role of the museum in society #climate change #accessing new audiences #discourse

How to apply

Proposals of around 250 words as well as a CV or organisational portfolio should be emailed to anna.vemehren{at} by 15 December 2019 (now extended to 31 December).  Please submit your proposals in English and specify which category you are applying for.

Any enquiries can be sent to{at}

Funding is available towards travel expenses for speakers and workshop leaders.